I'm about to start learning Python and want to find an IDE. For example something Visual Studio like stuff. WYSIWYG so when I write code, I should have a button somewhere to click and see the output. For free and for Windows and Linux platforms.

I downloaded Komodo Edit 7 and cannot find how to do that. Anyone knows?


Komodo Edit there is a little more stuggle to setup run button.
Komodo IDE has run button build in,because it has debugging features for python build in.

Look at Pyscripter(windows only) and Spyder great editors for python.
Can also mention Pydev wish is powerful,not as lightweigt need of course to install Eclipse.

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A RAD GUI Building IDE for Python using wxPython:

See also:

If you use Python3 you can go with the Eric5 IDE.
That program is free and uses the powerful PyQT GUI toolkit.
That in turn comes with a designer (form builder).
Google for Eric5

PyQT4 free from:

See also:

I'm also learning Python and I use PyScripter. It's worked well so far.

The Designer form builder that is installed with PyQT is probably the closest thing to Visual Studio.

Too bad that BOA is stuck with wxPython and is at this time not available for Python3 development.

One of the most popular ones is Eclipse with PyDev. It has the button you want and also debugging features. PyDev is the plugin for Python.

Another nice one would be Ninja IDE.

Both are free and opensource.

A simpler IDe would be WingIDE. It's very good for learning Python as you don't have to setup a project to work in just one file.