Please help on this. How can I let the buttonmenus shows when the toolbar menu is clicked?
Here is my code:

Private Sub Toolbar1_ButtonClick(ByVal Button As MSComctlLib.Button)
    Select Case Button.Description
        Case "Maintenance"
            'I want to display submenus when this is clicked!
            'button menus:
            '1.) Employee
            '2.) company
            '3.) department
        Case "Timecard"
            MsgBox Button.Index
        Case "Reports"
            MsgBox Button.Index
        Case "Tools"
            MsgBox Button.Index
        Case "Exit"
    End Select
End Sub

Note: I don't want to enable tbrdropdown because it will display a little arrow in the side.

Thank you,

You can create a menu toolbar and call it when you have clicked on something in your toolbar.

PopupMenu mnuYourMenuNameHere

Thanks AndreRet... It really helps a lot... I just need to set the x and y coordinates of the popupmenu and waallllllaaaaaaa it works.

thanks again..

Only a pleasure. Happy coding. :)