hello ı want to develop some code in java but ı coudnt find the java programmer on internet please give me url or adres for downloandind java developer

as far as I know, Google still works. googling for "Java JDK download" would've done the job. check the next link:
download JDK 7u5 is the latest version.

next to this: all you need to start is notepad (or any other text editor) and a command prompt.

Mosaad: either you have a weird sense of humor, or you really have no idea what you are talking about.
for a beginner, working with an IDE is the worst thing you can do. It comes with a lot of nice and "super-l33t" features, like autocomplete, package, compile and run.
and that basically means, that beginning users will:
1. never truly learn how to do any of these things themselves, they will become too dependent on the IDE to do all the work for them.
2. will be royally scr**** once they get an assignment for which they won't be allowed to use their 'super-duper' IDE, but are expected to do it manually. Not only won't they know how to package-compile-and-run, which basically means he won't be able to do anything with his code at all, that is, if he manages to write code on his own.
especially for beginners, starting with autocomplete is also very bad. sure, it's easy if the IDE completes or generates the code for you, but this just means you won't learn how to write it yourself, and neither will you understand what it is doing.

They would be skipping on very essential parts of the whole "learning how to create applications using Java" deal.

beginning with an IDE when you have no experience in Java ..... you may just as well teach them to "copy-paste" and hope their future employers 'll never find out they don't know what they are doing.