Hello all,

I recently started working with java, and I have been in the process of creating a new game for use on Android operating systems.

I have at least 90 percent of the game fully conceptulized and at least 30 percent of it already in actual code.
However I have ran into a small snag. I want the game to be two players, And I want the game to be turn based. Im trying to figure out what would be the best way to do this.

Have each player be its own instance of the same class? Or would it be better to make each player its own class? Or should I go so far to make each player their own file in the applet? What would you guys here recomend. What would in the long haul give me smallest headache??

You don't suppy a lot of info, but I'm 99% sure you should have a Player class with one instance for each player. Obe class per player misses the whole point of classes.

Thank you,
now I just have to figure out which variables will be global and how to make this online.... TO THE BATCAVE!!! urghh.. I mean Google.....