how to create a window with label and button above the label.

can you codes this label : MAIN MENU


yup , but i create a 4 frames , the first frames is the main menu label and recursion button then exit button. then the second frames if i click the recursion button it will appear the meaning of that and about the information then types of recuursion. above that i also create a enter your choose with textfield. if i choose 1 they also going to the factorial meaning and soon. the third screen is do you want to continue with button yes or no, if yes enter the number again with textfield, if no back to the recursion menu.

please help me! i will be pass on july 25,2012, please give that codes for me! thank you in advance

Let me make this clear. This is not a "we do your homework" service. Nobody will "give that codes" for you.
Post what you have done so far, and explain exactly where you are stuck and maybe someone can help you.

well, if you're going at it like this, the statement:

I will be pass on july 25, 2012

might be just a bit premature. opening a JFrame when pressing a button is nothing more but creating it (correctly) and instantiating it. if you can't do that, no reason you should pass.

and, as JamesCherrill already pointed out, we 're volunteers, not "coders for hire". at least show the decency to show to us what you've got so far.

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