I know that windows has the

    #include <windows.h>

Header but what does linux have and does it pay to program for linux, I mean like if i program for microsoft ofcourse ill get paid but are there linux "companys" that will also pay good?

Reason why i ask is becuase i love programming and i love penetration testing.

Pentesting is nive to do from linux backtrack becuse of all the toolz you get and i am not sure if you get all those toolz for windows...

I am hopeing to do programming and pentesting for a life "job" one day and dont want to get under-payed cuz i choose the wrong platform...


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There are many GUI libraries for Linux/X11. The most popular ones are GTK (the one that Gnome and XFCE use (among others)) and Qt (the one that KDE uses). Both of them run on all major platforms, not just X11.

In general, pentesting is not about a particular GUI. If you are evaluating a system (or network of systems) from an external point you are generally free to choose your set of tools for the test. This does not excuse you from understanding intimate details of all platforms you are testing.
It is unlikely that knowing eithers Windows GUI or some Linux variant is going to be of much help in the pentesting world. Focus on the tools that fit the problem.

Qt is very easy to use and it is well-supported on all platforms (Linux, Mac and Windows) for doing GUI programming (and, of course, the KDE desktop environment is built with Qt, and I think a few others too).

As for penetration testing, this has nothing to do with GUI programming!?!?! If you want to be employed as a pentester, why would a potential employer be concerned with your GUI programming skills? Doesn't make sense to me.

In any case, don't worry about being "committed" to one OS or another, especially in GUI programming. Doing GUI programming is pretty much the same in any language, library or OS. I was used to Borland's VCL and Win32 API for all GUI stuff, and I was able to pick up Qt on Linux in about an hour, and after a few days I was very comfortable with it.

And finally, yes, there are lots of Linux/Unix companies that will pay well. Just about every server / data-base / security software firm out there. Pretty much as soon as you leave the realm of PC-user applications, you enter a world dominated by Linux/Unix.

Mmmm thanks guy, the reason is becuse not all the pentest toolz work on windows and programming a exploit neding windows header files is imposable on a linux system ( i think ).

If you are going to write a piece of software (malicious or otherwise) for a particular system then it goes without saying that you need to build on that system. This is entirely independent of whether you use an IDE/GUI to build the software.

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