Hey Everyone,

I'am Using vb6 data enviourment and Access 2010 to show an Invoice in a Data Report.

I Have many orders and many different items in orders. So I select an order from a MSHFlexgrid and will load the report. All The different items (in different orders) are stored in one table and I have created a code which works fine which will remove the items not in the order into an extra table and therefore before loading the report, the table will contain only the data of the wanted items. I have used Breakpointers and have seen that this works fine and that at the end of day the tables are in the correct wanted manner.

But then I do this without using Breakpointers, I don't know how or why always when I run and load the report an extra unwanted Item is displayed in the report. I have noticed that this item is always the final record of the Items Table. And when I load the last order, an item from the one before the last order appears in the report. I am really really confused as to why this happens..could someone help me out?

Also when I close the report and select a different order to be opened the previous data is still in the report and that gets shown..do i need to refresh or do something like that?.

Thanks in Advance,
The X-Man

Please Kindly reply. :)

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