17 May 2013 | I am trying (with no success) to connect an Access 2010 Table (.accdb).to a Vb6 ADO data control and having no luck at all. I have downloaded and installed the Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 (as i read that this would solve the problem) and to be honest had expected that it would then appear as a 'Provider' option, but its not there. Can some one please provide an 'idiots' guide on how I can connect a table.accdb to an ADO data control..... Regards (and fingers crossed that someone will tell me how i can do so, in simple steps!! thank you in advance :-)

why don't you just upgrade to Visual Studio 2012? The express version is free.

Because i don't like to walk away... i have used VB6 (5 years ago now) for a period of 2 years and would like to make use of all the knowledge that i acquired at that time - i know from old posts that people posed the same question how to get VB6 to connect to Access 2010 via ADO and were successful - i am hoping that one of those people will be kind enough to explain how i can also get the above connection to happen... If it helps at all i have Windows Vista.

Looking forward to some assistance with my problem - best regards and thank you to all that reply to me... :-)

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