im trying to write a program that will read a line of text from a file and then print that text into whereever the cursor is in the browser. like into the address bar or something. is the possible with python? how would i go about doing it. i know how to read from a file but how would i get that input into the browser window

that works too, I didnt think of that! thanks

I found a simple way to load or reload a firefox tab from python which uses a firefox addon called 'remote control'. Using this add-on in a single firefox tab, your python program can change automatically the browser's page content. See this snippet. There is also this module but I have'nt tried it yet ;)

pyTony could you explain how to use the methods in that clipboard module? i just started programming and am not really sure how to use those. I understand what the methods do, but im not sure how to implement them

nevermind, i found another module. here is what i ended up with and it works just dandy

from win32clipboard import *
import os

with open('some_file', 'r') as text_file:
   text = text_file.readline()