Hi, suppose I have written a Perl script that creates a text file, writes something to it, and closes it. The code involves some other steps which require the download of a module from CPAN. So I do this prior to executing the code by doing something like perl -MCPAN -e shell followed by install some::module. Naturally I do the entire thing from the command prompt (the PATH has been set by me to include the Perl directory). Now I want to package this entire thing as a software, say an exe file. When the user download this exe file, and execute it (by double clicking it, say), it should install Perl on its own, (or just refer to the existing installation if there is one already), then download that module from CPAN (again just include it if already there), and then execute the code normally, so that by the end of the process, the user will see the new text file in thae same directory. How to do it in Perl? What resources do I need to learn, apart from Tk for the GUI part? Any link or basic idea would be appreciated!