Hello, i stumbled across this forums on google.com. I hope someone can provide helps for my questions.

I have a freind who runs a t-shirt business, and i did him the favor of returing a favor and wrote a script for him to roganzie his accounts based on date searching. i written the whole thing in Bourne, and a week later he needs it quik and behold there is an problem. He needs his written in csh, and I do not have much time to re work the entire script.

so my questions is that some where is there a utility to convert sh to csh, or an easy identifcation guide of sorts to help me quickly re-work this script.

thanks - j, bovo.

Just to be a bother, why does he need it in csh? Every UNIX system comes with a sh, or at
least sh compatable shell called sh. Unless you wrote your script using bash masquerading as
sh and he only has a true bourne shell, in which case many of your constructs will not work. I
would say to make sure that your script uses only true sh conventions and that the
line appears at the top. That is the only other problem, because when that line does not exist the
script will execute using the users shell, which seems to be csh, but when it does exist, it will
operate in a "subshell" using sh.