I want to develop a C# console application that will read one excel file and make copy of that file first.
Then in the copied file i need to add one column at 2nd last position in excel and remove the 2nd column from the copied excel.
The added column will have count of some applications.

Then the whole excel content should be placed in the email body. (Note: I dont want to send attachment).
and it should trigger email to the specified person in CC.

Please let me know if any other details are required.

Thanks in advance. .

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I have developed a code that will read the data from excel and dispaly it in the html table format in the email body.
But now i want to create a copy of a main excel and edit the copied excel.
In copied excel i want to delete one column and add one column.

After that i want the content of excel to be displayed in the email body.

Please let me know if you require any more information on this.

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