Please help me Create a program to enter and average the high and low temperatures for the week.
 Create a constant to define the size of two float arrays.
 Create two one dimensional float arrays in the function main() called highs and lows.
const int MAX = 7
float highs[MAX];
float lows[MAX];
 Write a loop to ask the user to enter the highs until the size of the array is reached.
 Write a similar loop to ask the user to enter the lows until the size of the array is reached.
 Use the defined constant (as shown above) when checking for the maximum size of each array.
 Calculate the average high for the week
 Calculate the average low for the week
 Display those results.

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And have you even try to solve this homework? Or are you hoping for us to solve it, and than to just present the result to your teacher?
Show us that you've tried, show us where are the issues and than we'll try to help you.

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