Hi, i've been looking around for help with this problem but google seems to just send a load of crap my way so its finally got to the point where i'm asking specifically for help. Here is the code;

void CWebRobotDlg::OnBnClickedDologin()
    void* pElem= ElemFromID(L"username", IID_IHTMLInputElement) ;
    IHTMLInputElement* pTextBoxUser= (IHTMLInputElement*)pElem;

    bstr_t sUser(L"UsErNaMe");  // <<<-- your login name here

    pTextBoxUser->put_value(sUser); // populate the text box!
    pElem= ElemFromID(L"password", IID_IHTMLInputElement) ;
    IHTMLInputElement* pTextBoxPswd= (IHTMLInputElement*)pElem;

    bstr_t sPswd(L"PaSsWoRd");   // <<<-- your login password here

    HRESULT hr= pTextBoxPswd->put_value(sPswd);  // populate the text box!
    //--------------------------------------------From here is where the problem starts.
    pElem= ElemFromID(L"checkbox", IID_IHTMLInputElement) ;
    IHTMLInputElement* pCheckBoxChkbx= (IHTMLInputElement*)pElem;

    bstr_t sChkbx(L"VALUE");  // <<<-- ??

    pCheckBoxChkbx->put_value(sChkbx); // Not working

    //-------------------------------------------End Of problem area.
    pElem= ElemFromID(L"submit", IID_IHTMLElement);
    IHTMLElement* pSubmit= (IHTMLElement*)pElem;

    hr= pSubmit->click(); // GO! 

As you can see this code is filling in a form on a website (completely anonymised atm). It works perfectly but there is an optional checkbox that I would like to tick before the form is submitted. I have harvested the correct id's/names from the website source and can put a value into text box fields, but im using borrowed code and I cant work out how to interact with the input type of check boxes.

IHTMLInputElement* pTextBoxPswd= (IHTMLInputElement*)pElem;

I Assumed the "TextBox" part of this line was defined in mshtml.h, I also assumed it was specifically designed to interact with text box type web elements and not check boxes, so I tried "Checkbox". This was my best guess. I'm also unser what value to pass to the box once i've got the element name correct.

Thanks in advance, Alochai.

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So, I found the answer, after a dissatisfying amount of time. C++ programs using IE activeX objects to interface with the internet does not seem well documented at all.

Answer below \/

pElem= ElemFromID(L"checkbox", IID_IHTMLInputElement) ;
IHTMLInputElement* pCheckBoxChkbx= (IHTMLInputElement*)pElem;

bstr_t sChkbx(L"true");//Yea, attempting to pass a string to a checkbox was dumb.

pCheckBoxChkbx->put_checked(true); // Golden, this is how you do it.

I assume put_checked works for radio buttons too, if not I hope it's something semantic like put_toggled(true).

You're welcome Alochai ;)

p.s. Yes I was talking to myself.

You forgot to mark the thread as solved, too busy talking to yourself ;)

Yea, but I actually wanted someone to post in the thread that wasnt me.

Mission accomplished btw.

Thread complete!

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