Hi every body,
I'm a student in Open University and I face a big problem with learn the C++. So I wish that all of you can help me in this course. We work in C++ Builder 5. And I want to ask you one question that if I get a homework can you help me in solving it.

thank you

yes wat is the question?

>this is the homework for C++. If you understand any thing tell me please.
I'm leaning heavily toward deleting any thread that just posts a homework problem with no specific question or proof of any attempt at a solution. Is it so difficult to understand that we're not www.rent-a-coder-for-free.com?

sandra, i agree with narue...... at first u have to help urself.... try to solve the problems..... wish ur good luck with dat...... if u face problem after ur 3 hrs trying on any single issue, then plz post ur code here.... thank you :)

thank you for your advice narue. I will try to solve it and if I have any problem I will ask you. Please read the file to become ready for help me. Thank you for all again.

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