Can someone please help translate this statement to assembly language

if X <= Y then
if Y = V then
call Path1
end if
if X > Z then
call Path2
call Path3

Without knowing what X, Y, V & Z are, I'm going to assume 32 bit integers
Source is NASM

V   dd  1
Z   dd  1

    ; EAX = "X"
    ; ECX = "Y"

    cmp eax, ecx
    ja  .L1

    cmp ecx, [V]
    jnz .Done

    call    Path1
    jmp .Done

.L1 cmp eax, [Z]
    ja  .L2
    call    Path3
    jmp .Done

.L2 call    Path2   

.Done   ret

Path1:  nop
Path2:  nop
Path3:  ret