Hi All,
am currently working on a biometrics application to capture the fingerprint of users. I am working with the DigitaPersonal (UareU 450) fingerprint reader. The app works fine at the moment but i need it to be more sophistciated by making it save the fingerprints in sqlserver database instead of keeping the binary files in memory as this causes data loss whenever the application is shut down.

I would greatly appreciate any help

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You should be able to upload binary files to sqlserver - one of the binary field types such as image should let you.

Should also be examples on this dotted about the net - you may have to open the file the reader generates as a bit stream and then when reading back regenerate the file again to let your software read it.


yeah! saving binary files to sql server ain't the problem here. the thing is, can't get to figure out where this binary files generated by the hardware is stored. if i could, then i could send it to sql server and retrieve it when needed. Done a lot of that already.
Thanks anyways


Ahh... does the app come with a database? Perhaps it is storing the file there? If not I'd poke about the programfiles directory or see if the program has configuration settings that allow you to select where they are put... Does the supplier have a web site? Maybe it can help you.. I'm afraid you'll have to do a bit of detective work...

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