What are the last 4 values for?

(m[0],  m[4],  m[8], m[12])
(m[1],  m[5],  m[9], m[13])
(m[2],  m[6], m[10], m[14])
(m[3],  m[7], m[11], m[15])

I've looked everywhere and cannot figure out what m[3], m[7], m[11], m[16] are for (ModelView Matrix).. It says to ignore them but I can't just ignore them as the program I'm hooking into uses those for some odd reason :S

The last row should always be (0, 0, 0, 1). That's just the way it is. Look up homogeneous transformations (or Affine Transformations). The last row is there just so that a straight matrix-vector multiplication can be used, as opposed to a special function just for that type of matrix.

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