So, I would like to start working on a python module to support RFC 2326 (RTSP), in an effort to work on a larger application that I will probably need help with later.

I am unsure how to go about making software that is meant to adhere to a specific RFC, and Im looking for guidance on getting started..

Would I start with a socket, and expand from there? How do I manage all the possible media types? Is that a part of the RFC or is that separate? I have read through the RFC once (and understood most of what it is saying), but I am unsure how to implement something that works in the frame set by the RFC. Is it simply a socket and a set of commands that meet the commands of the RFC? Or is the software supposed to handle all those commands? If that is the case, then does the software need to interact with the host by splitting up the data, and handling the trash?

I want to do the work, but I need a push in the right direction on where to start. Any suggestions?

-- Alternatively, do I really need to adhere to an RFC to make something work? If I plan on making a program that chunks video and does something with it while streaming, does it HAVE to work as RFC indicates?
(Now, I understand that the people who write these things are generally very well educated. I am not saying in any way that they are useless. Just curious.)


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How would your module compare with ?

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Im trying to do this independent of twisted, or any other framework. However, it may be a good starting point. My appologies for not being clear.

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