I have completed the ASP.NET Web Application for my assignment. I want to burn the project into the CD so that my lecturer can open the web. How to burn the project into CD and it can works when my lecturer open it.

And also how to type the file path of file in My Document so that my lecturer can access to the file without changing the coding. So for the coding I type is the C: in my computer .

If all of the links you have been creating in your project are relative, you can give a copy of your website folder to your professor. When the professor opens the website either with a browser, or the same IDE that you used, it will work just fine.

Check the properties of your project to determine where the files are actually located on your computer.

How to open by using browser?
Which file cn open in browser?

your aspx can open in browser. Open project in IDE in which you developed in your professor system and right click on aspx you want to view, then you could see browser option.

Can i open the project in browser without IDE?

I dont think it will ask you to open in browser without opening it in iDE

I suggest asking the lecturer how he wishes you to supply it.

Anaother alternative is to make all links relative and create a deployment project and deploy to the CD. I take it you have a database? If it is Access include it in the project output and make your connection string a relative path to the access file.

Some people have provided you with incorrect advice here. You can't just click on a .aspx file and open it in the browser, a web server is needed (like IIS). Your lecturer will know this hopefully or open it via Visual Studio first.