Hi, I have a C# project which I want to make into a Windows installer (either .msi or .exe if possible) so that it can be deployed for e.g. in the C:\Program Files\myproject folder on any PC running Windows (and if possible limit it as from Vista onwards with a check from the installer itself). How do I proceed?

just go to file menu then new project ---> other project types ---> setup and development ---> give name and select path where you want save your setup --->press ok
after that a page will open having two columns , on your left side there will be there options 1-application folder 2-users desktop 3-users program menu ,
first click on application folder then on right side just right click select Add--->files---> browse your bin folder of your project select all files and folder in it and press ok
then click on users desktop option and then again right click on right side then select Create new shorcut ---> a window will open , select application folder and then select file .exe and press ok

then go to Build menu and there will 3rd option Build YourProjectName click it . Done :P
You have created your first setup.


One additional help required, I would like to add the .NET framework 4 setup as well in the C# setup file, how to do this? I have the .NET file as standalone setup on my pc.