Graduated in May and still jobless. I want a position in programming but chose IT as my major. I should have chose computer science which focuses more on programming. Anyway, I seem to not be knowledgeable or skilled enough when I go on interviews - even for junior level positions. I want to take a certification class. Is the official Sun Java certificate the way to go? Are there any others?

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In all honesty, you'd be better off looking for a job in IT and then transitioning into development. That's what I did, and the IT experience has proven invaluable as a developer.

I did a computer science degree and they really don't teach you the intricacies of any particular programming language. It's more about just being able to think logically and a lot of math. I would agree with deceptikon. Start with IT and pick up programming on your own. Create a web portfolio / resume of mini-projects to show off your work.

there is no Sun certification anymore. it's all from Oracle now. anyway, it also depends on the mentality the recruiters in your country have.
for instance: over here, a certification is practically worthless (it's a good way to fill two weeks in between projects, but otherwise, ... ) yet, in some countries, good luck landing a job if you're not certified.
anyway, if you really want a java certification, the OCPJP (former SCJP) is the best to start with, but IMO, experience always beats a certification.

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