I found a cool site to do a few programming assignments for me. My teacher is probably the worse programming teacher on the planet. It's cool because they help teach you in the code they write. I didn't feel like they were just "doing my homework". www.imalamecheaterd00d.com. Check it out.

Fred :)

something like

public class MyHomeWork
  public static void main(String[] args)
    System.out.println("Someone else did my homework for me, I'm a lazy no-good idiot!");


Because that's what I'd send people who ask me to do their homework for them (maybe scrambled so it's not so blatantly obvious what it does)...

The only way you're ever going to lear to program is by doing it yourself. If you have a bad teacher that should be an incentive to do more yourself to learn anyway, not an incentive to become as bad at the subject matter as you claim your teacher to be by being a lazy idiot who lets others do his homework for him.

Anyone who helps people like you does a disservice to the entire community of software developers worldwide by lowering the quality of those in the industry and therefore the value placed on our work by those willing to pay for that work.

When I learned pascal back in highschool, there weren't enough books for everyone. So me being at the end of the alphabet never got a book. Not only did I do my own work, but I finished with the highest grade. Self study at home. Just because class is over doesn't mean you should stop trying. Pick up a book and start tinkering. ;)

jwen is right, get a book or something and READ READ, READ!

Don't just read remeber to put theory into practice - no doubt the best way to learn is to get stuck in there and start writing programs :)

yup, one should always practice what one learns. Otherwise the knowledge will disappear quickly (this is why cramming for exams doesn't work, you may pass the exam but you will never retain the knowledge).

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We don't support people posting links to help others cheat on their homework, just like we don't do people's homework for them here, either.