Do you have any useful explanation of how to create a draggable window?
What I wish to say is when you select your window will have no border ( considering that, it cannot be dragged around screen), how to make it draggable, for example by making a certain area in window "sensible" so after user presses that area and moves cursor, it moves window too?

I can't remember best, but I think I saw a tutorial on VB about this problem, and he added a panel writing to it some code and making it "sensible" to dragging.

Thank you.

you need to be more specific. do you want either of these to happen?

A. Create a'WIN32' form and drag it across the desktop?
B. Create a CLR form and drag that across the desktop?
C. Create a MDL Child form and drag that across an MDL Parent?

in any case you should take a look at the microsoft article: Creating Win32 Applications (C++)