Hi Folks
I had problems running my project outside the enviroment. I was told I should Publish it.
I don't understand the paths or option I have to choose from, does anyone have a link to some literature on the subject or able to enlighten me?
I've tried publishing it to my desktop, it then opens my Browser and this fault comes up:

"Firefox can't find the file at /c:/deploy/my.
* Check the file name for capitalisation or other typing errors.
* Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted."

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I assume this is a ASP.Net project?

What I did was have my dev computer and the full blown IIS Webserver. After I made sure everything was perfect (code wise) on my dev machine and simply did a copy website via ftp to the Webserver.

Also if you are trying to find stuff on google for publishing a project you might want to try the keyword "deploying". I have had loads of luck with it.

Here is a link for VS 2003 deploying web app.



Another thing would be to switch to IE. I know IE fingers owls, but if you switch your default browser, it will show you the page, providing you have IIS running

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