it is possible to start a python apps when you start your phone ? Im using s60v2 N70-1 .. Is there a python code autostart for my phone ? Please help ..

py2sis should support autostart since version 1.4.1, quote

Changes in 1.4.1 from 1.4.0:
* telephone module improved
* position module improved
* autostart support added to py2sis

It is part of Ensymble You must have sis officially signed:


Flag to control automatic startup of the application. On S60 3rd Edition
phones, an application can register itself to be automatically started
when the phone is turned on.

Note: Self-signed applications and applications with UID in the
unprotected range cannot register to be automatically started (see
options "--uid" and "--cert" above).

please give me an example for start on boot api s60 2nd edition fp3 .. or how to use it and how to use recognizer ? thankyou so much

there is no example needed. just pack your script with py2sis application and type y for autostart in its wizard. thats it.