Okay so there is this cool photo website that has awesome photo effects okay...

So I'm Thinking of saving the websites info right click and save as html etc file.

And I wanted to use those same effects trying to build a software out of It.
Cause what If the website shuts down and no one In the world can find those awesome effects.

So Info I save aka CRTL And S saving the web page complete help me build this kind of desktop software application? for me only and not sharing It with any one cause I don't wanna get In trouble for sharing something that Is not Mine.

I'm thinking of designing apps for me only and using them for my "self" cause i don't have the time to read the law and rights stuff I'm a busy person.

Anyway lets get back to the topic, so when I saved the webpage It shows some files


How would this Information help me build the app I want?
Plus How Would I make this kind of application using what?

Ok, i got it now.

The easist way is to transform the saved page you have into a new website. You don't have to host it, as far as the website contain only HTML, CSS, JS and VBS you can run it directly in the browser.

To ajust the websit interface you would need knowlodge in:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript ou VBScript
  • CSS

But you could also create a new app, and in this case you would need to choose a language to program and a framework to build the app on. At the top of my mind I can name you:

  • C# .Net
  • JAVA
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Delphi

C# .Net
Ruby On Rails

I have to master all those 4 languages?

Also i need to master? these to create a application of the website?

i don't wanna run it in the broswer i want to re create what the web has and make it into a app for me

JavaScript ou VBScript

No, if you want to create a desktop app you need to master just one of them(C#, JAVA, ROR or Delphi).

But be aware, none of the code of the website would be reutilized. So you better study the effects that you want to use to see what language and framework would do it more easily.

Well, I never done something like that, but to build the interface I would suggest Microsoft .NET WPF.

But if I would do it, I would do it in HTML/JS/CSS.

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