Hi ,
I try to build mobile application , this application will know the book name you want and tell you price and Customer Reviews evaluation from amzon.com
but the problem I can not read web page to get price and Customer Reviews evaluation from it by c++ code ,
I try URLDownloadToFile but that mean I should download the page ...
so any solution ???

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If I remember correctly, Amazon has an API you can use to retrieve product information. Check their website.

See this cURL library.

A simple cURL implementation code

#include <stdio.h>
#include <curl/curl.h>

int main(void)
   CURL *curl;
   CURLcode res;

   curl = curl_easy_init();
     curl_easy_setopt(curl, CURLOPT_URL, "www.daniweb.com");
     res = curl_easy_perform(curl);

   return 0;

You will find this in their example codes.

Better try C# or java for web application purposes. but they also have their downside. See this.

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