Ok, What i need is a Login script that will verify the information that is on a MySQL database.

What people will do is sign up on a website and their Login information will be stored on the database.
Then they will be able to login to a special members area in my program.

What code will i need to make it sent the information in the Textboxes txtUsername and txtpassword when the butten btnSignin is clicked and then allow the user to access the members area?

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Another question is:

Is the VB application Web or Desktop. I am assuming it is web. In that case, I would probably create a PHP page to hande the request, then redirect it back to an aspx page.

If it is a Desktop application. You will still have to create a php page (really, it will be pretty small), and have it pass data back to your applicaiton. I would use a web service for this. .NET web service for php web sites are all over the place in open source. This is the approach I have used, and it works.


NetCode Yes that is exactly what i want to do.

It will be a desktop aplication that you will register for through my website.

So basically I jut want it to check the data in the MySQL database and log in if it is correct.


It depends on how well you know php. If you are fimiliar with php syntax, then the following lnk would be a good choice for creating a web service in php:


WSO2 is a framework where you can create services and cleints. of course all you need is the service. You just create a web service that handles a Username/Password in one argument or in two arguments, then it can send back a result. For example, 1 (valid) or 0 (invalid).

The way I built the service is that I queried the service sending a username/password in two different arguments in one method:

Service Method: CheckUser($username, $pass);
Application: CheckUser(MyUserName, MyPassword)

Then replied with a string of 254 random numbers. First number was the place of the result.

Example: 10 1 45 233 22 67 22 55 88 0 56 12 66 243 55 33 1
Result: 0; invalid.

With that said, if you are unfimiliar with php and how it connects to a database, then I would create a php page that takes a query string of values, checks it against the database, and uses a Print(); function to print out the result. You can use the same method above. Then, you can use a webClient or the My namespace to download the page as a string, or data. All you willl get from the page is a header (not important) and the result. I have also used this approach when I was learning php.

SiteGround has a good tutorial on how to connect, query, and print data.

After you get the hang of it, just omit any HTML tags. The page will still show in the browsers, but it all raw data you can process on the client :).

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