Hey guys,
I want to connect my VB.NET application to the data saved on my webserver's mysql database. Can you please tell me, is it possible or not? Can you give me any hint for further coading? Where should i look for help in this regard?

Or should I consider other language for this pupose?

[Project Details:]
I want users to fill their info on online php form, this info get saved in mysql database. Now i want to insert this info in the .net application's database installed on client's computer.

If you have a client application that needs information directly from the database, I see two options here...

If the DB is accessible, make a connection into the DB and query it directly. Otherwise, you'll have to have the client app communicate through the web application via web services.

That sounds promissing solutions... But I'll wait for the some more info/ideas on this issue. And hey, JorgeM; thanks a lot man!!!