I am currently in school for video game design. I plann to make a mmorpg and although I will be creating the company I plann to do much of the work involved. I have noticed lots of mmorpgs have bots running non stop flooding the game and making gameplay annoying and having the money sold online. I want to learn how to make bots and hacks do I will be able to prevent them in my game. I figured that the best way I do that would be to learn how they are made. I would like a tutor of sorts to teach me how to make a bot for one or two games so I can think up ways to defend against the methods. I am not very fluent in c++ but I am a quick learner and I can learn mostly anything on my own. I just want some guidance in which direction to go and what I should study. I am aware it takes a while to get to the point to make bots and that's a fairly good reason I can be trusted. Why would I spend months just to learn how to cheat in a game? I wouldn't. I legitimately want to know how for the sake of my mmo's gameplay. I don't want it to be over run with annoying bots. Although people might be skeptical about this I can not release much information on my game until I have my business plann and my contract in place so no one can take my idea. I wouldn't speak about my ideas I only want to learn the ways bots are made and possibly some ideas on how to prevent them.

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Firstly, a quick google search reveals some good information on sending and capturing mouse movement and keystrokes. I personally like the second and the third results, but I haven't watched the first one.

Now, before you start coding a bot for a MMORPG(which is hard!), I'd recommend making one for a flash game. A very simple one, like click the button. Instead of just sending the command to click at a certain point on the screen, you are going to actually search for the button. Using the tutorial, you should be able to send a print screen, then Ctrl+V so you can save it. Look up image proccesing in C++ for how to localize the button.

After that, do something harder... a match the shapes. Use the same principles and try to click the correct answer. If you can't find a good flash game for that, PM me, I can make it in a few minutes for free.

Those are just the beginner steps... However, if you want to make one for an MMORPG the first problem you are going too see is that image proccesing those print screens... it's next to impossible. You've got better luck trying to read the RAM, and for that I'd recommend assembly.

First things first:

I am not very fluent in c++

Get fluent in C++. Put the bots on a back burner, you're not even ready for the game yet.
1) Learn C++ extremely well.
2) When you have learned C++, write a few simple games.
3) When you're ready, start tackling yout mmorpg.
4) Then you'll be ready for your bot-killer.

And as for a flash game -- it might teach you something about programming a game, but won't get your ready for C++ games. I question its usefulness.

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