Hello All,

I have a text file that I am trying to query. The text file is as follows:

Billy Bob, Manager, 23453, 76789
Sharon Smith, Supervisor, 33789, 98098
Sue Johnson, Supervisor, 33790, 98095
John clover, Director, 33791, 99876
Desie Arnaz, Worker, 40078, 97656...

I am wondering how can I create an user interface that allows the user to input numbers in a range of 33789 to 33791 and have it only output the information for Sharon Smith, Sue Johnson and John Clover.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Well, it's quite easy if you put those entries into a collection of objects as you mentioned in your last thread. You just scan the collection for the ones that fall between the upper bound and the lower bound.

Did you have a more specific question?


I am wondering how can I create an user interface

By sitting down and trying. Waiting for someone to do it for you isn't going to work.

But first do some research into what you're going to need to create that application.
File handling, some user interface toolkit, maybe other things as well.
Hint: Java has all of that built in...



No where did I ask anyone to do my program nor am I waiting for anyone to it for me. You must have me confused with someone else.

Thanks for you comment though.


Sitting down and trying is really the only answer, GUI's are things that are best learned by yourself, cause they're tricky buggers to start with.

May I suggest that you start small, display a simple javax.swing.JFrame, or java.awt.Frame and then mess around with it, set titles, change sizes, display a few shapes and then figure out about Listners and stuff.

Hope that helps.

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