Hey guys,

Im quite new to vb and i've got a school project. Im making a game somewhat similar to the 'idiot test' series. I'm trying to make a counter that will count the number of clicks, which will also be displayed. I'll obviously display it with a label and i know how to make a basic counter that increases. I'm just not sure as to how to keep the integer to change over each form, because as i click a button, the majority of the time, it will change to a new form.

I got told about using a module or something, but i can't seem to work it out.

Thanks in advance

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Yes you need to declare the variable in a module (.bas file) with global scope.

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Yes you need to declare the variable in a module (.bas file) with global scope.

Could you explain how i would do that?

Open a new module in your project - Click on "Project - Add New Module".

In the module code form, add the following...

Option Explicit

Public xCounterClicks As Integer

Save the module....

When your app starts up, in the form load event, add the following...

xCounterClicks = 0

Make sure this is ONLY in your startup/first form when the app starts and NOT in all your forms....

In your form under the button the user will click on, add the following to its click event...

xCounterClicks = xCounterClicks + 1

Now you just call the number to a label...

Label1.Caption = xCounterClicks
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