Hello ..
I wish i don't violate community rules :)

I was used to work on the NetBeans IDE
Now I am converting to eclipse
The problem is that i can't neither create nor find the final executable jar file
In NetBeans I just press "clean and build" then the destination of my program appears "Biulding jar: C:..."
So what's the alternate of this in eclipse

Sorry for my bad english and Thanks in advance,,

Don't worry, you are not violating any rules!
In Eclipse select your project, then export... from the File menu
That displays a "Choose export destination." dialog from which you chose Java/Runable Jar, which takes you (first time) into a new Jar wizard.
YOu can save your jar settings back into your project, so next time you just right-click the jar description and select Create Jar.

Thank you JamesCherrill
My Problem is now solved
the problem was that i choose "Jar file"
but when i choose "Runnable jar file" as you said things work proberly
thanks again..