Hello ..
I wish i don't violate community rules :)

I was used to work on the NetBeans IDE
Now I am converting to eclipse
The problem is that i can't neither create nor find the final executable jar file
In NetBeans I just press "clean and build" then the destination of my program appears "Biulding jar: C:..."
So what's the alternate of this in eclipse

Sorry for my bad english and Thanks in advance,,

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Don't worry, you are not violating any rules!
In Eclipse select your project, then export... from the File menu
That displays a "Choose export destination." dialog from which you chose Java/Runable Jar, which takes you (first time) into a new Jar wizard.
YOu can save your jar settings back into your project, so next time you just right-click the jar description and select Create Jar.


Thank you JamesCherrill
My Problem is now solved
the problem was that i choose "Jar file"
but when i choose "Runnable jar file" as you said things work proberly
thanks again..

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