Hey Everybody,

Allright my setting is like this:

I created a derived MVC program using C++ and QT on Visual Studio 2008, that sends multiple instructions to our ERP system through an external program...

On each command posted this way the user application needs to wait for a return string and react accordingly, this all happens in SQL with a continuos... query that takes place every 500 miliseconds with a timeout after x tries

Because of the large number of automation and lack of "communication" with the user I have included a "QProgressBar" in a dialog which gets updated as the functionality flows

The problem:

During these database queries while the application is waiting for a response my Progressbar animation is extremely laggy... the end aim is to convert to IPC and I believe this will solve it... but users have a tendency to want everything perfect (as you would all know)

Is there a way to either disable the animation in Win7 or a way to run the animation "outside the application scope" so it wont be influenced by the application database queries

Low priority but I cant really find references to this on google that are helpful

any specific coding required I will gladly provide but as you can imagine I wont be able to display the entire program...

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I believe I have traced the problem to a "Sleep(500)" call in the waiting between status check to the database... is there any alternative or way around this I can implement?

Please put some example code. May be you can use timer to control the progressbar animation independently.

Managed it with timers... thnx in any case :)

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