i cant run my program even my directories are correct.......!!
my flashdrive is in (F;)
then in my directories are:

Include Directories

Library Directories

what will i do.....??

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use dev c++ or codeblockks or visual studio for writing, compiling your code. try to go away from turbo C. thanks.


my flashdrive is in (F;)

Why are you running Turbo C from a flash drive? I think you would be better off installing it on your hard disk; that way at least you could ensure that the runtime directories are in their correct place. If you are using Windows 7, then this article may be of some help: http://hackstips.wordpress.com/2011/11/27/run-turbo-c-in-windows7/

try to go away from turbo C

How does this help in answering the OP's question? This suggestion would have been OK if you had first tried to answer the question. Keep in mind that quite often students have no choice in the matter of which compiler to use -- they have to use the compiler/IDE specified by their instructors.

use dev c++ or codeblockks or visual studio

Suggesting a student to use an IDE, no matter how modern, is in my opinion a very bad idea. IDEs have their use as production tools, but are counter-productive to the education of a student when used as pedantic tools. IDEs mask the build process, denying students an insight into the actual compilation and build tools. A further point in note, it's Code::Blocks, and not "codeblockks".

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