i need a intr0ducti0n ab0ut visual basic...any s0me0ne t0 help me... :'( ..

It's a on-line program developed and owned by Microsoft. Visible Primary was initially created to help you to write programs for the Windows pc os. The basis of Visible Primary is an earlier development language called BASIC that was invented by Dartmouth College teachers John Kemeny and Johnson Kurtz.

@Justin: You have to watch out when you use automated translator software. Sometimes they can give phrases that do not make sence to native speakers, if the termns you used didn't quite make sence from the point of view of the people writing the translation software.

Where Justin said Visual Primary, it should read Visual Basic. His translation software messed up.

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visual basic is IDE software.It is easy to use It contain tools like Button,Textbox,Label,Rich text box,Progress bar,Slide bar,common Dialog box,etc.It contains Properties,Methods,Events.Small introduction this one thank you