Hi all,

I had a program all built up in C# using visual studio 2008. I also used a deployment project to install it.
this program runs on several computers with several OS for a while. Recently I installed it on windows 7 starter.

A first weird thing is on install it says i need to have .net framework 3.5.1 which is weird because I know windows 7 starter comes with it ( i see it on windows components), and i never got this message when installing it on windows xp or vista or 7. after that the setup continues ok.

The problem is that the program wont start! i double click the icon, I get no message but the program wont open.

I have no idea how to start debugging this thing

thanks for the help

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Have you tried installing 3.5.1 again?

Have you tried installing 3.5.1 again?

you mean to uninstall it from windows components ? why ?
is it possible that there is an problem with the installed version ?

i'll try it later and report.

I think windows 7 starter only comes bundled with .Net Client Profile 3. You may be referencing a different framework - probably the full blown framework (3.5 or 4). When you run the program, does it appear in the process tab of task manager?

hi skatamatic,
I just tried it again on a different computer. I installed the program on windows 7 starter, it faild to open (didnt see anything on task manager).
the user upgraded to windows 7 home premium and still I cant open my program...
any thoughts ?

thanks again

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