I'm looking for the web online course for my learn Python
Where are the best to learn python?
Who know tell me, please. Thanks!

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I am not sure if the book
"Python for Idiots"
has been published yet.
I am waiting!


I cant suggest O'Reilly's python course enough. It is broken down into 4 courses, and you have a mentor who is very professional and knowledgable the whole way. It is self paced, and the projects are relevant and usable after you are done with the class (and, as a perk, they teach some great concepts in programming).

The only difference between what has been posted and this one is that there is a cost to it, but if you finish the program you get a certificate of completion from University of Illinois, and each class counts as continuuing education, if that is necessary for your career/current job.


Personally, I learned a lot from them in a very short time.


You can check out http://pyblog.org it is a rather new blog but is geared towards beginners. You could always check out thenewboston videos as well I hear they are good.

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