i am currently working on a simple file make application , this application read data from foxpro .dbf file , i want to get records between two dates , from date and to date , the invoice date field name is fl02 here is my query but this is not working properly and not showing any record.

select * from TRANS.DBF where fl02 >= '8/1/2012' and fl02<= '8/31/2012'

i this there is nothing wrong with it if i run it in mssql , but may be there is some thing not proper in this query for foxpro , please guide me.


I don't think you use single quotes to delimit dates in FoxPro--IIRC, you need to use curly braces, e.g., {8/1/2012}.

This is not the right format you used for date. You should use like {^YYYY/MM/DD}. This will work.