MVC is something being sugested to us for use in vb .net (by someone who doesnt use vb.net, uses php etc.)

i did research on it, and it seems to be more of an asp .net tool and not so much a vb .net tool.. for asp it states:

You should NOT use ASP.NET MVC if. . .
26 April 2009

•You are not very comfortable with polymorphism
•You aren’t willing to build on top of the framework
•You rely on 3rd party vendor controls for lots of the UI
•You are averse to using open-source libraries

1) im not
2) i do not really have a desire too
3) no i dont
4) sure

is there a real benefit to using MVC in VB .NET ?

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yeah i dont think im real interested in it. seems to be better for asp

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