I need someo #A Python text-RPG
#A Jak Production
global ammo
global health
global lives
global exp
global food
health = 100
exp = 0
food = 30

def part1():
    print "50 Days After The Outbreak:You are standing outside of the Empire State Building."
    print "Vines, plants, dirt, and grime cover its once-regal surfaces. Huh."
    print "I guess if 80% of the world is dead, more people are concerned about survival than sightseeing.God."
    print "Generally,us survivors tend to band together. Mostly  it is for good. Not the bandits."
    print "  Bandit:'Hey you! What you got in that bag?"
    print "I recognized this Bandit as Sam Cabelo! He was the janitor at my office building. Not the nicest fellow."
    answer = raw_input("Type 'show' or 'run away' then hit the 'Enter' button.")
    if answer == "SHOW" or answer == "Show" or answer == "show":
        print "Ahhh. Nice .45 you got there. And some food.Hand it over.(He says this like a threat, reinforced by that revolver in his hand"
        answer2 = raw-input("Type either Hand it over or flee")
        if answer2 == "HAND IT OVER" or answer2 == "Hand it over" or answer2 == "hand it over"
            print "Bandit: Good Job.. Go on now
            set food = 25
            set ammo = 40
            return answer3
        if answer2 == "FLEE" or answer2 == "Flee" or answer2 == "flee"
            print "He shot you"
            set lives = 9
            print "TYPE  SOMETHING CORRECTLY"
            return answer 2

    elif answer == "run away" or "Run Away" or "RUN AWAY":
        print "He shot you... hee hee hee"
        print "When the input comes up again, type a differet answer"
        print "You didn't type Show or run away."


You have unterminated string at line 13 and some other syntax errors fix them and also the unnecessary recursion at line 29. YOur code is not fully inside a code block.

@ Jacklittle01:
A friendly Advise, Spamming at the board and asking a question many times is waste of time. I think it'd be better to start learning Python by first reading some tutorials or introductory texts then pick up simple practices for every method, data type and so on.
after doing those all, jump into more complex and or multistep programs.

Good luck and Enjoy Pythoning ;-)