I used the upsize wizard in Access 2010 to split my database with the table being on the SQL server. I entered this in the autoexec (was macro, I converted it)

Function autoexec()

oConn.Open "Driver={SQL Server};Server=JCPLMSQL01;Database=TestingConnection;Trusted_Connection=yes;"

    DoCmd.OpenForm "Form1", acNormal, "", "", , acNormal

    Exit Function

End Function

I don't know enough about this to know what is wrong. The error is in the oConn.Open line.


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Which version of SQL server are you running on your server?
Also, you have no username or password in the connection...

It is working now. I had some permissions errors. We are using Windows authentication so I didn't think I would need the unsername and password.

Thanks for replying

Only a pleasure. Please mark this as solved, thanks. :)

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