How to copy one file from server to server using shell script, Pls help me in this

it depends on the connection capabilites the server offers.

What operating system are you using? If Linux (or Cygwin on Windows) you can use netcat (the nc command) to send/receive data. If just reading, then you can use wget.

SCP <filename> <user>@<Toserveraddress>:<path>

How to pass password using scp in commandline

SCP <filename> <user>@<Toserveraddress>:<path>

Here i want to use password also , how can i use ????

Not really possible with BASH scripting. You would need something like expect or Python with pyexpect.
You could, however, use ssh keys which would not require a password, just an rsa key. Then you can use scp -i /path/to/key <Source> <Target>

Ya , i didn't used expect or Pythone but ssh key used for me .. Thanks its working fine .

In this path I need mention the files using 4 digit numeric , pls help me in this
ex: bangalore_date_4467 , here every day last digit will get vary . soo pls hep me in this .

try scp command it is a secure and powerfull
scp -rvp /path user@host:/path