I own a small computer business and have for almost 10 years now. We have used just a basic POS system and i am looking to replace it with something more oriented towards my type of business. Specifically something that in addition to taking care of my POS needs, be able to track work orders/tickets, track work done to specific customer computers, RMAs, quotes/projects/builds etc etc.

I've been looking for something to fill this need for some time but nothing seems to do all of what i need - how can this be with all the computer service shops out there? Closest i came to purchasing something was Tigerpaw software ( http://www.tigerpawsoftware.com/ ) but there is no POS function to the software - which seems to hold true for pretty much every software i find that is oriented towards computer service. Tigerpaw would work great if we were onsite only - but the majority of our transactions are face to face.

If you run a computer business that does face to face transactions, what do you use?

Any recommendations on software?

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