Starting a website is easy, getting people to visit it is the hard part. I my self love designing and developing sites for fun, which is great because I'm making money from it, which makes it 100000x better! In this small and simple tutorial, I am going to tell you how you can easily setup your own small-time web design business, and how it can be expanded through free advertising.

You will spend
Of course, you have to spend money to make money, that's what I say. In this method, you don't have to spend much however.
You obviously want to start out by buying a domain, some hosting and then developing your own web design site. You could do it using Wordpress easily. Wordpress is free.

Next steps
Once you have a web design service fully set up and online, with Paypal buttons, live contact and possibly even your mobile number, you're ready to go. Make sure your prices are low, people won't pay as much if they can get it cheap anywhere else.

Easily make money, cheap services
Many sites all over the internet offer Wordpress installations (including domain and hosting) for about £600 for a few pages. These are actual prices, specific web design is not included for example the theme is a free one. You will want to set your service to £100-£300. I recommend something inbetween. You should ask for £60 deposit if the buyer is to pay afterwards. This £60 will pay for the domain and of course some of the hosting fees, which aren't very expensive. You've already profited.

What you will really be offering
The people that purchase your service for £x won't know much about web development, and there are thousands of free scripts across the web that do what the buyer asks. Just integrate it into Wordpress. You will be buying cheap(ish) hosting, buying a domain and then installing Wordpress for the buyer, installing a theme and putting on some example pages with the information they asked to be included within the site. You then hand over some login details once it's completely paid for.

Who to advertise to
Create small business cards and advertise to local businesses in the area and family. Some of the people will buy services. Some won't. Whatever, they will advertise to other businesses and other family, and it doesn't hurt to put a small bit of href in the footer of the page now, does it?

Thanks for reading my first thread, no hate please :)

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