Hi all,

This is venkatesh, i have problem with usb drives . I need a way to access data card but not usb drives through usb port. I need to do this very urgently.
The one way is when u disable usb ports my data card also not works. what can i do in this situation.

Any one plz help me, Thanks in advance

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There is no real difference between USB drives and USB data cards, which typically are presented to the operating system as drives as well (solid state). What, exactly, are you trying to accomplish?


I just want to disable the read and write access for usb drives and when connect the data card(usb modem eg reliance, tata photon) I want to use the functionality i.e connecting internet


Iam using xp sp3, data card must be recognized is the condition but not the pen drive


In my firm, we use symantec antivirus software and all the USB ports are blocked.
this is done for preventing data transfer.
IF the users want to use any data card or pendrive, they need to approved from there manager and request sent to Support team.
The support team will record the serial address on the symantec server to allow this device to recognise.

Hope this helps you in some ideas

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