We are making the switch to iMacs later this year but to improve employee productivity and enforce access policies we need to find a "business class" internet filter for our new iMacs.
I can always configure our network to block the sites but this is primitive as it doesn't filter HTTPS sites.
I'd like to keep the price of this to under the $150 range to allow for either a hardware purchase or a software purchase but not both. The only program I'm aware of is SafeEyes but that charges a yearly fee and we are really only looking to block certain sites or categories of sites.
Thanks for the assistance!

You could install sofware on the end points, but the reality is that the best way to address this is with a firewall that has URL filtering capabilities, or a firewall at the perimeter and proxy server within the network.

Any other solution outside of this approach can be bypassed. For example, on a computer, someone can install virtualization software and run a guest VM that does not have this security software. Or, someone can bring in a personal computer and connect directly to your network. Or, boot to a different operating system.

So, it really depends on how strict this requirement is. If installing software and knowing that most of your users are not going to try to get around the software is sufficient, then proceed with this plan. You can always address those that try to get around via policy.

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