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@chandrasekhar Will you make yourself more clear what exaclty you are asking ? I am unable to get your question from this post. thanks.


how to run the c program on note pad shall any one give me answer

You don't run a C program from notepad. Notepad is a text editor and nothing more. What you need to do is write your code with a text editor, then compile it using a compiler. The compiler may also include a linker which means the end result will be an executable file that can then be run.

C is a compiled language, so there are a few steps from source code to executable. The whole process is greatly simplified with an IDE, though the learning curve of figuring out how to prepare and build a project in an IDE is comparable to learning about the underlying steps of compilation and linking directly. ;)

Apparently my links have been broken to other people today, but hopefully this one works.

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