Can someone tell me how to write

void readBinaryTree(BinaryTree *&p, ifstream &fin) {

in C

    `void readBinaryTree(BinaryTree **p, ifstream *fin) {`
    `readBinaryTree(&p, fin)`  



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C has no references, so you'd use a pointer to a pointer. The concept of using a pointer to an object to modify the object can be applied recursively, and the "object" you need to modify can be a pointer.

Can someone tell me how to write

You already answered your own question.

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I think you have answered your own question very well ;) any more doubts if you have, that are welcomed. thanks if i am helpful to you. :-)

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Will @samohitvii Will you elaborate more what exactly you were trying to do ? From this post of yours, I am unable to intrepret what exactly you trying to ask as you have answered your own question.

@waltP it's not i am here to increase my posts up. I will not get dollars for that. I am just giving my view in this. I am just adding something here which is my opinion. If you think it is NOT acceptable, then it's okay! thanks if i was helpful in this thread.

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C has no references

C does not have ifstream either. Perhaps the desired conversion is to a FILE*? One should not assume that though. The OP needs to clarify the goal.

I don't really understand why people think I answered my own question. An answer I am looking for is something along the lines of


void readBinaryTree(BinaryTree* &p, ifstream *fin)


void readBinaryTree(BinaryTree* *p, FILE* fin)
void readBinaryTree(BinaryTree**, FILE*)

and then used in the program

int main()
    //Open filestream and create a bianry tree
    readBinaryTree(&myTree, fin); 

That's my guess at how you would do it in C but can someone clarify this. I don't really think I need to post the rest of the program.


An answer I am looking for is something along the lines

Because that's exactly how its done.

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